MVU Arms

The single shot adapters allow to properly chamber the cartridge without risking breaking the extractor claw.

The Manllicher style rifles (Carcano, Berthier, Commission 1888, Steyr and Dutch Mannlicher) use a controlled feed mechanism where the bolt picks up a cartridge and it moves upwards into the extractor claw on the face of the bolt.Forcing the bolt over the cartridge will result in a broken extractor.

The loading blocks fit right in the internal magazine just like a complete loaded en-bloc charger. Once inserted just put the round on the bed of the adapter and push the bolt forward as you would do with any single shot rifle.

The adapters are currently sold trough eBay or GubBroker. Click on the link below to purchase.

Carcano(6.5x52mm, 7.35x51mm and 8mm with the same adapter
Berthier (8x50mmR Lebel for both 3or 5 rounds)
M95 / M30 Styer (
for both 8x50R and 8x56R)
Geweer 1895 / Dutch Mannlicher M95
Gewehr 1888 / Model 1888 commission
M1 Garand

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